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When starting out you should aim  to make a minimum of 3 bootcamp sessions per week. This will ensure you are getting great results, at a pace that motivates you to continue. All sessions are led by qualified coaches that can cater to your level, abilities and injuries. 

Each week you will see the following sessions on a rotating roster. No session is the same and we aim to keep our sessions fun and interactive.

Boxing | Legs | Arms | Core | Cardio | Games | Pilates | Mobility | Full body | Circuits | H.I.I.T | Strength. 


We don't over complicate things at bootcamp. You get given access to our library of quick, simple, tasty recipes along with some meal plan guides if you would like to follow along. 

You won't find any of this Paleo-Keto-lowfat-lowcarb-notaste-nofun-tasteslikecardboard crap. We believe in simply eating more whole foods and less processed junk. All our meals & meal plans have been certified by our Dietian and are a great way to ensure you are meeting all of your nutritional needs! 

You can find all our recipes by downloading our app and creating an account :)


Checkpoints are our way of tracking your results and keeping you accountable to your goals. When you first join up with us, we ask you to set your "Bronze" goal, which is essentially your first milestone. This needs to be something meaningful to you, and it's important that it is specific and measurable.

Checkpoints are conducted at the beginning of each month, where you have the opportunity to book in for a quick 1-1 with your head trainer, to give you an intimate space where you can feel safe discussing your goals/results.

- Weigh in /Measurements.
- Fitness testing.
- Goal setting and tracking.



One of our favourite parts of the program is when we get take you to experience a different part of the fitness industry and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone! ​These can be a little bit daunting, but we do it together and they are a true highlight of what you can achieve. 
Excursions are conducted once a month and can vary from hikes, obstacle courses, self defence, beach sessions, dance classes, different sports  or even winery tours (cause life's all about balance right?)

We can't wait for you to tackle these head first!
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We try to make things as SIMPLE as possible, which is why anyone can easily navigate our app to see their classes, book in to a session, buy a membership , browse recipes and update card details. 

The app also reminds you when you have a class coming up so there is no reason for you to forget! You can find our app on the App Store and Google Play store by searching "Bootcamp Co" or just use the links below.

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