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Boxing Combo's

Updated: Jun 13

Boxing is more than just throwing punches, it's strategy, speed, and precision. As personal trainers, incorporating boxing combinations into your client's workouts can pack a powerful punch in achieving their fitness goals. Here are three key benefits you can reap from utilising boxing combos!

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1. Improved Cardiovascular Fitness:  By stringing together punches in rapid succession, boxing combinations elevate the heart rate and keep it sustained throughout the workout. With each jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, clients push their limits, enhancing overall cardiovascular health.

2. Enhanced Coordination and Reflexes:  Adding in Boxing combinations not only provides a physical workout but also a mental workout! Reacting quickly to different punch sequences trains the body to respond promptly, enhancing overall agility and athleticism.

3. Full-Body Strength and Power: Each punch in a boxing combination engages multiple muscle groups, from the shoulders and arms to the core and legs. Clients will develop strength and power across the entire body. The rotational movements involved in many boxing combos also target the obliques and improve core stability, leading to a stronger, more balanced physique.

Coach and Client Boxing

Boxing Punches:

1. Jab - A quick, straight punch thrown with the lead hand.

2. Cross - A powerful punch delivered with the rear hand, crossing the body's midline.

3. Lead Hook - A sweeping punch targeting the side of the opponent's head or body, thrown with the lead hand.

4. Rear Hook - Similar to the lead hook but executed with the rear hand.

5. Lead Upper Cut - An upward punch aimed at the opponent's chin, thrown with the lead hand.

6. Rear Upper Cut - Similar to the lead uppercut but executed with the rear hand.

If you’re in need of some Boxing Combo’s we got you covered! 🥊

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