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Updated: Jan 23

MEMORY PAIRS A Bootcamp-style twist on the traditional Memory Card game! This one not only gets your

members active but also keep their minds sharp too...hmm, let's see how they go at 6:00 am! Equipment needed: Playing cards & Whiteboard.

Card Games

Set up: Spread out all the cards in a large area (Hall, Oval, Basketball court, etc.). Best played indoors, but if playing outdoors, ensure all cards are facedown and will not fly away if windy (e.g. could place them under cones/ weights). On a whiteboard, clearly indicate exercises for each suit (Hearts, Spades, Diamonds & Clubs) Aim of the game: To find as many matching pairs as possible ( e.g 3 of spades & 3 of diamonds)

Pair Cards

How to Play: In pairs ( or groups of three ) clients head out and locate a card, they turn it over to see what the card is (E.g. 9 of hearts), and they must then complete 9 reps of the "Hearts" before turning the card back over, and going off to find another card. With each card they turn over, they must complete the associated exercise from the whiteboard. When clients find a matching pair, they can collect them both and head off to find MORE!

Timing: The game can be played until all cards have been collected, or under a time frame (e.g. 6 minutes to get as many pairs as possible). In the end, the team with the most pairs is the winner!


  • Exercises can be adjusted to ensure the correct muscles are warmed up for the session.

  • Double reps: Some rounds can be double the reps, e.g. 5 of hearts = 10 squats

  • Add punishments if teams think they have located a pair but turn out to be wrong

  • Customer cards: You can print off your own cards with exercises written on them, rather than using playing cards.

Try it out, and let us know how you go by tagging us on socials

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