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In November 2023, we welcomed individuals who were ready to embark on a transformative fitness journey, seeking more than just a traditional health retreat, and eager to cultivate lasting healthy habits. As FITCAMP is all about redefining the fitness experience, we aim to inspire and empower everyone to achieve their personal best while fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivation, and our participants got exactly what they came for. What we had at Fitcamp 2023


Silverwater Resort had state-of-the-art amenities surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. From cozy rooms to modern fitness facilities, every aspect of the retreat experience was designed to ensure comfort and convenience. Participants enjoyed a variety of features, including both indoor and outdoor pools, game rooms, tennis courts, spa &

steam room, bocce court, and a gym. There was a perfect blend of relaxation and active recreation.


Participants experienced the transformative power of mindfulness at FITCAMP. They learned practical techniques to manage stress, enhance focus, and find balance in their life. This mindful approach helped our members navigate daily challenges with clarity, and calmness.


Each day had multiple activities to choose from, fitcampers could curate their own experience and walk away with a renewed sense of discipline, self-awareness, and connections that would last a lifetime.


Our goal with hosting workshops and seminars was to better equip fitcampers with practical strategies to articulate, plan, and achieve their aspirations. Whether it was short-term objectives or long-term visions, our workshops provided tools for fostering a healthy lifestyle effectively, empowering each individual to map out their path to success with clarity and purpose.

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