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Establishing a morning routine will not only reduce stress and anxiety, it can brighten your mood and give you more energy during the day.

If your mornings are constantly feeling rushed and frantic, take a look at our five easy early morning routine tips you can start to implement today!

Morning Vibes

Morning Alarm

1. Get Up Early

Don't hit that snooze button! We've all been there, constantly hitting snooze and telling yourself, "Just 5 more minutes of sleep." Where does that really get you? You will most likely be late for work and in return, quite stressed! Try setting your phone/ alarm somewhere where you will need to physically get out of bed. This will help get you up & about, allowing yourself enough time to get through your early morning routine, including having a healthy breakfast. This also means going to bed early enough to ensure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night!

Morning Cold Shower

2. Take a Cold Shower

Feel tired and lethargic when waking? Cold water will give you the energy hit you need to spring into action. If you're new to the cold shower game, start slow first by having your warm shower, and then finishing with 30 seconds of cold water. As your will power increases, spend less time in the hot water and more in the cold.

Lemon water for morning hydration

3. Hydrate

Typically we spend about 7-8 hours asleep each night, during this rest period your body loses water. So before you indulge in that warm cup of coffee, rehydrate and get the fluids back in. Try warm water, a squeeze of lemon, and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt.

Workout with a group

4. Move Your Body

If you are not a morning person, exercising before work might be a tough adjustment. However research shows that working out in the morning can help increase your energy level for the day as it increases oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, which can give you an energy boost. So whether its Bootcamp, a quick walk, or following one of our stretch routines on YouTube, aim to get up just that little bit earlier and get your body moving! We all know as the day gets busier, we are just more inclined to make excuses as to why we can't train!

Healthy Breakfast Options

However busy your morning is, make sure you factor in enough time to have breakfast. Coffee alone is not enough to start your day, and the sugary cereals will only lead to an energy crash within a matter of hours.

Let’s aim for whole foods such as oats, wholegrain toast, eggs, avocado! If you are pressed for time, look for some baked egg options that you can reheat in the morning, or overnight oats that you can grab and go.


Just take it one step at a time!

You don't need to implement everything all at once! Pick one of the tips above that you feel will be most beneficial to you and start there.

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