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Roll the Dice

Updated: Jan 23

3 Creative ways to use Dice in your Bootcamp workouts.

Roll the Dice

Don't just think of Monopoly & Boggle, dice can be used to add a creative element to your workouts and make for a fun interactive session. If you've been in the personal training / Bootcamp game for a while you (and your clients) are probably getting a little sick of your classic training structures... Circuits, pyramids, etc. So here are 3 awesome ways you can use dice to spice things up and change up your workout structure.


Roll a Double.. you're in Trouble!

  • Whiteboard with 5 - 8 Exercises written out ( no reps )

  • Clients in Groups of 2-4

  • A Pair of dice per group

Have your list of exercises pre-written on a whiteboard, with no reps allocated. Each group rolls their dice to determine their rep number for the round (e.g. Roll 4 & 5 and you'll need to do 9 reps of each exercise on the list). But wait....there's a twist! Roll doubles and you'll have to complete a punishment before you begin the list ( 20 Burpees, 1 Lap of oval etc. ). Once the group has completed the list, they roll the dice again to determine their reps for a second round. Continue this pattern until clients have completed roughly 3 rounds of the list, or set a timer for 12 mins. and see how many times they get through (Note: Each group will be at different paces based on high/low rep numbers)


Let the Dice decide

  • Whiteboard with 6 Exercises ( no reps )

  • Clients can be set up individually or in pairs

  • A Pair of Dice each

Write out the numbers 1 - 6 on a whiteboard and allocate a different exercise to each number. Clients will need to roll a pair of dice to determine which 2 exercises they will be completing as a super-set. Example below 1. Overhead Press 2. Walkouts 3. KB Swings 4. Situps 5. Squat Jumps 6. Mountain Climbers

Set a timer of 40s/40s x 3 for the super-sets so that all clients are starting and finishing at the same time regardless of which 2 exercises they are doing (based on their dice roll). Once completed, clients roll their dice again to determine which 2 exercises they will be doing for the next set.


Ones a Run

  • Each client needs a single die

  • Enough space for a 200-300m run or shuttle runs.

  • Perfect for beginners and teaching form.

This session structure allows you to coach from the front, while all clients are doing the same exercise all together, this works really well if you are wanting to go deeper on form or really slow down and pace the exercises. Each client rolls their own dice, if they roll a 1 they are off for a long run (or shuttle run) while the rest of the group stays with you to complete an exercise. When the client returns, get everyone to roll their dice again and repeat.

If using shuttle runs, set a 60s timer. The client who rolled a 1 will shuttle run for 60s, while everyone else stays with you and completes an exercise. Once the timer goes off, everyone rolls again. You can also start to incorporate new rules (e.g. roll a three = burpees)


We would love to see you put these ideas into practice! Tag us on insta we can see your Spicey Dicey creations.

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